“I’ve been in church all my life, but I didn’t know Jesus."

When Holly, a 2nd-year student in Bath, was invited to try church, she had no idea much this invitation would change her life. A year on from giving her life to Jesus, Holly shares her experience of coming to faith and sharing the reason for her hope.

“I’ve been in church all my life, but I didn’t know Jesus. I started uni and got involved with the hockey club really early on, and church was an afterthought. I’d go on hockey socials and I noticed a bunch of students standing outside of the club and handing out water and biscuits. I’d see them every week, have chats and take some of their food and then go into the club. One night, I got chatting to one of them and they invited me to try church. At first I wasn’t sure, but I went along and I loved it! That was the reason I joined: someone just asked me!

Not long after that, I had an encounter with God on a night out. I was at the hockey social, outside the club, and Jesus asked me, “Holly, what are you doing?”. Since then, it has been a process of knowing I needed to give some things up and that I do actually want to be all in for Jesus!

"I expected that 10-15 people would sign up, but now I write to 100 people every month!"

Since then, Jesus has been speaking into my worth and identity. I used to find my worth in how other people saw me, but now I’m learning how to have my identity in Him. The first couple of weeks after giving my life to Jesus, friends in the hockey team were firing questions at me and it was hard, but I also received messages from friends asking for a conversation about faith. It was hard, but that made it all worth it. 

I then started ‘Letters from Hol.’ I love receiving post and I thought others would like to as well. So I posted on Instagram asking if anyone wanted to receive a letter from me with a signup link. I expected that 10-15 people would sign up, but now I write to 100 people every month! I’ve seen God’s provision in new ways, from strangers sending me stamps in the post, to church generously offering their printer for the letters. And the best part? I get to share Jesus with my friends simply through writing a letter. Now, a year on, it feels weird to think of a life before Jesus.”

Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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