Student Mission: The Stakes Are High

Over the next 25 years, one billion people will go to university. They will step foot on campus and into adventure, but who will be there to welcome, shape and disciple them? 

With adventure comes opportunity, and opportunity comes risk. Each student is presented with a choice: to follow Jesus at university and live out their calling as a disciple, or to walk away. We know too many students who choose the latter. Perhaps you do too. 

But there is hope. God is transforming campuses and students are finding their hope in Him. 

The stakes are high, so we remain committed to being a part of the student mission story. 

As term begins in the coming weeks, what is your role in the student mission story? Here are 3 ways that you can play your part: 

1. For students

You are about to begin an adventure of a lifetime, and you will be presented with one of the biggest opportunities to share the hope of Jesus you will have ever had. You will be surprised how open your friends are to faith, so find a church you can call home using the Student Linkup App, and invite them to try churches with you. 

2. For churches and Student Workers

Be ready to welcome: in your church, on campus, and through the Student Linkup app where you can connect with students before and as they arrive. Make sure your profile is up to date and accessible to all students with a faith background or not. Think outside the box, try new things and be a family as students find their home away from home. 

3. Anyone who loves students

Commit to praying for students as they begin the adventure of university, that they’d find hope in Jesus and hope in a local church. Not sure how to pray? Pray this prayer below. 

Father God, 

As your children step onto campus, may your whisper be louder than the shouts of the world, 

May your peace reign over anxiety, 

And your freedom lead all students closer to you. 

We believe a movement of God in this generation is coming, 

So bring your spirit to flood campuses with your joy.

Bring an end to mental health crisis,

And heal those who need healing. 

In Jesus name, 



Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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