How can I sabbath as a student?

Michael Bublé has well and truly defrosted, you’ve been to your 5th Christmas market of the year and deadlines are fast approaching. Maybe that’s just been my experience of the festive period so far. 

Do you remember being in school and getting 3 weeks off for Christmas and maybe getting 1 piece of homework to complete over the holidays? That memory is so far in the past when you’re a university student with January deadlines and exams. The guilt you feel for spending time with loved ones away from your laptop, knowing the deadlines are creeping in. 

What does rest or a sabbath look like for you currently? Maybe grab a paper and write down honestly how often you rest, what resting specifically looks like for you and why do you rest in the first place? 


According to Mind, in 2021 85% of UK adults identified with feelings of burn out after the numerous lock downs and working from home. That doesn’t sound like our nation is well rested, does it? We are living in a pandemic of business where resting is the last resort when our body physically or emotionally cannot go on any further. 


Jesus talks about the sabbath day not being a duty that we owe to God, but rather God made the sabbath as a rest for mankind's benefit. It is a gift from God that we so often reject. When was the last time you gave back a gift that you desperately wanted and needed? 

There is freedom to be found in taking a step back from the day to day tasks and trusting God with your time. 


So what does it mean to sabbath? Well rest will look different to each and every one of us, but here’s some questions to ask yourself to get you thinking about your sabbath. 


What portion of my week do I intentionally spend resting? Or what portion do I want to intentionally spend resting? (Sleeping doesn’t count!) 

What am I doing when I feel most at peace and rested? Are you alone or with friends? Are you inside physically resting or outside exercising? What activities help you feel rested?

How can I be accountable to this? Maybe you can allocate time in your physical diary, get a friend or mentor to check in with you every week, and do a sabbath with someone in your church? 

What actions do I need to take to ensure I can sabbath properly? Organising your time well so you get all your work done, doing house chores before the sabbath, arranging plans earlier so you can turn your phone off? 

Invite God into this and ask him what sabbath and rest looks like for you in this season. Be honest in the areas you struggle and ask for his help and guidance. 


Take some intentional time out next week to journal and ask yourself these questions. It might be helpful to chat through with someone else and you can quiz them on how they spend their sabbath. 


Charlie Lavin

Student Mission Developer

Charlie found her passion and calling for students whilst in her first year of university. She is excited about seeing others step into their own callings. She builds relationships with churches across the south to encourage and equip them with student mission. 


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