A Prayer for 2022: Like You

Wow. What a year 2021 was; the year we hoped was going to be different. Maybe yours was, maybe it wasn’t. It was a year in which we learnt new words, like ‘Omicron’, a year in which our hearts ached for people who risked their lives crossing dangerous waters in small boats in the hope of a new future. It was a year in which we saw the thermometer rise, and a year of loss for many. Where did the year go?

But God was there with us in it all and He will be again this year. We don’t know what this year will bring, but we do know that prayer can change everything. Prayer makes a difference because God makes a difference. If God hears every cry of our hearts... let us pray.

As we are entering 2022, this is our hope for students, like you.

Instead of closing our doors and shutting out the noisy world, 

God, give us boldness to step into the world with open arms,

Loving everyone we meet in the way you modelled when you stepped down into our world and opened Your arms on that cross. 

Jesus, help me to love like You.


When we feel scared, anxious and troubled,

Come and break the power of darkness and bring light to our minds,

When we see friends struggle, Holy Spirit, guide us in what to say at the right time, even when we feel tired, broken and weak.

Jesus, help me to bring hope like You.


Help us to make a change locally and not be tourists during our time here.

May we do this in the small and the big because it all matters to you.

May we not be afraid to speak up, stand up, and open our mouths when we see injustice, fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

Jesus, help me to be an advocate of justice like You.


Would You guide us in how to treat the planet?

Give us Your wisdom to steward all that You have made.

Help us to live differently and not criticise others, but be an example of what it means to respect and love this planet, one small action at a time.

Jesus, help me to care for Creation like You.


May we be a generation who are relentless in pursuit of what is pure.

In this year, help us not to be distracted by the world or follow the crowd, no matter the cost.

We will pursue holiness. No matter what others think of us, we will choose Your presence and put You first because You are worth it.

Jesus, help me to pursue holiness like You.


Lord, help us to speak of Your name across every corridor and campus, every street and city.

Give us the courage to pray for those around us and may we see Your Kingdom come.

God, let Your healing hand be upon our friends and coursemates, and Your name be known by the power of Your presence.

Jesus, help me to extend God’s Kingdom like You.

For Your name, Jesus, help us to lead the charge of change, in this year and in this nation.

Lauren Fearn

Student Mission Developer

Lauren met Jesus at university, which radically changed her life. It is her conviction that every student should have the same opportunity to encounter God, discover what they are made for, and step into their purpose. 

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