Sixty One: A God Idea

We are just 15 days away from us gathering together in Peterborough for Sixty One, as the days grow closer I’ve been reflecting a lot recently on why we are doing this, and why is it so important for us to gather together. 

"Sixty One is a God idea."

I believe every time the bride of Christ gathers together with one unified purpose to meet with Jesus, our lives are radically transformed. Similarly, I’m convinced that Sixty One will be a catalytic space, where we are called again and commissioned to be a bold and fearless generation who will rebuild the ruins and proclaim God’s freedom. 

Sixty One is a God idea, one that He is orchestrating, one that He is drawing people to, and ultimately one in which His name will be glorified. As we’ve prayed in the lead-up, we’ve had lots of prophetic words and pictures of what it might look like and I’d love to share something that God showed me back in November 2021. 

The Unleashed Lion

I see a huge circus tent where 1000s are gathered, of all ages and races to witness the show. I see the showman getting ready for the show and as he goes backstage, I see a lion in a cage that is muffled and in chains. The showman brings out the lion on the leash and enters the main arena, and makes the lion do tricks and stunts as the crowd watch and cheer, once the show was over, it was led back to the cage by the showman and locked in. At this moment, I saw the Holy Spirit come and unlock the cage, and rip off the muzzle on this lion. The Lion ran out of the tent into the wild and let out a roar. As the showman and others watched there was fear that came over everyone, the same lion that was controlled and caged was now free and unleashed.  

I felt the Holy Spirit say that the lion represented a generation, you and me that feel isolated, in captivity, silenced - often too afraid to speak because we live in a culture in which truth isn’t often popular. The crowds represent the fact that the lives of this generation are on display for the world to see, everything they do is watched and judged and they are constantly having to overcome the lies of everyone's opinion. As the Holy Spirit unlocks the cage and ripped off the muzzle from them, I hear the Lord say, I am unleashing a generation into the wild to be adventure seekers, to bring about Kingdom Chaos, to go against the tidal wave of culture that brings spiritual death and speak boldly the life and hope that is in King Jesus. The silenced generation will ROAR again because “The Spirit of the sovereign Lord is upon them”.

Will you make time ahead of coming to Sixty One to pray, what might God be saying to you? 

Are you coming? Or maybe who do you need to encourage today and invite to come to Sixty One?

Book your ticket now! 

Aaron Nayagam

Head of Mission

Aaron is passionate about equipping the local church to reach and raise the next generation to know Jesus, and in particular has a heart to invest in the South Asian churches in the UK.

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