Tips for freshers week...

This week I'm going for a more chilled out approach and sending you through some top tips for freshers week...

Saturday (Day 1):

Doorstop - Get yourself a doorstop and plug your door open.  This way new people can come and say hi.  Its surprising how many people sit in their rooms with their doors shut waiting for someone to come and knock!

Sunday (Day 2):

Church day 1 - Its not too early to get along to a church meeting.  Probably don't do a full day of them - make sure you're around to hang out with housemates as these first few days are key for building friendships, but also make the most of the chance to go somewhere week 1.  Keep your priorities from day 1.  Want to find churches near your uni?  Sign up to Student Linkup and check out the 'Find a Church' function here on the Fusion website.

Monday (Day 3): 

Neighbours - Go say hi to your neighbours.  Its really easy to spend the first few days with just your housemates and before you know it you have quite a narrow group of mates.  Saying hi to those living above/below/next door to you means that you've got a wider pool of potential friends and also creates a good living environment from day 1.  

Tuesday (Day 4):

Frisbee - Buy a frisbee/football/other round sporty implement and get playing - great way to meet new people and build community with your housemates.

Wednesday (Day 5):

Postcard - buy a postcard, write it, and send it home.  By now your Mum is probably freaking out that you've pinked all your white t-shirts in the wash and passed out from excessive takeaway grease.   A postcard will be so appreciated!

Thursday (Day 6):

Fry-up day! - Talking of together with your housemates to make one phenomenal fry-up.  By this stage all your housemates are going to be well up for it and sitting down to eat together gives you a chance at some half-decent conversations which the busyness of freshers week sometimes doesn't allow for!

Friday (Day 7):

Coffee - If you haven't met up with any of the student workers who have been emailing you (if you've signed up with Student Linkup)  DO IT NOW!  

And just like that, freshers week is gone!  There are more little bits of advice and thoughts  on starting uni in the Student Alphabet book you can get right here on the Fusion website.  They're only a fiver so grab yourself one and get prepared.  Great times lie ahead...

Pippa Elmes

Ministry Training Leader

Pippa supports those in church based student ministry to do their job really well. She loves challenging churches to work with students and equipping them to pioneer new mission opportunities to reach students.                     

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