Who do you know?

Alice was nervous.  

Only a few hours to go before her flight, and then she'd be off... She'd prayed about it, she'd dreamed about it, she was more certain it was right than anything she'd ever decided upon.  Her heart broke when she thought of those families, those individuals in so much need, in need of help, in need of comfort, in need of strength, in need of a saviour.  Looking at the photos on her bedroom wall she was filled with gratitude.  Everyone was behind her, they'd been so encouraging, so enthusiastic.  It was a bittersweet joy, leaving home and all that belonged now, into a future uncertain but profound.  She might only be her, but everyone knows that one missionary can make a world of difference.

Who do you know?

A church who sends an Alice, one missionary, every year to a land in need is considered a massive contributor to world mission.  Every individual is recognised as catalytic.  Every year we send our eighteen year olds to university, do we see them as missionaries being sent from our churches?  If your church sends a young person every year, or even every three years, you are contributing massively, catalytically, to a mission field much in need of workers.

Who do you know?

Sometimes churches are on it, they see young people leave and want to make sure they thrive at university and beyond.  What about those who aren't in churches like that?  Do you know just one student who's heading off next year?  Maybe you're the one to help them make that transition well.  Could you help that one student connect to a church at uni so they are encouraged in mission and continue to grow in their faith?

Who do you know?

Here at Fusion we want to make sure every one of these young people going to uni this year is sent well.  We want to see every one have a contact in their uni town, every one welcomed, every one find a new church family.  We cannot help all these individuals on our own.

Who do you know?  Could you take them to studentlinkup.org and link them up to find a church and other Christian freshers near their uni?  If you know more than one, maybe four or five, why not order some free Student Linkup cards to be posted to you and they can fill those out to be connected up.

It will take all of us to help every single school leaver transition well to uni, who do you know?


Pippa Elmes

Ministry Training Leader

Pippa supports those in church based student ministry to do their job really well. She loves challenging churches to work with students and equipping them to pioneer new mission opportunities to reach students.                     

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