7 Spheres of Student Life

University is, like all stages of life, an opportunity for you to step out, step up and thrive in God.  The landscape of university offers countless opportunities to make friendships, engage in leadership and serve those around you.  Here we've identified 7 Spheres of Student Life - areas of influence and opportunity where we could be called to live out our discipleship, leadership and mission whilst at uni.

Home and Social Time
Who do you live with?  How do you spend your social time and with whom?  

Now is a key time to discover what it means to be an independent adult member of church and to help shape and influence the flourishing of Christ’s bride.

Places of Study
Work is a part of our calling as Christians and education a key tenet of our society.  How will you work with integrity, help shape others’ work experience for the best and see the kingdom come in your seminars, lectures, tutorials, even the library!

The Wider City
You are not just at university but in a town or city.  How might you engage with the wider city - perhaps in a part-time job, by volunteering or with prayer?

The Students Union and University body
The Students Union and University are like the government of the university.  Engagement here is a great chance to influence policy, to serve the place you’re called and to shape culture. 

Clubs and Societies
In many universities clubs and societies are the community hubs, offering great opportunities for friendship, development of your gifts and leadership.  You can start your own or join in with the many on offer, from sports to interest groups to custard wrestling (if you’re at Cardiff!) 

Alone time
Whether spent reading, retreating, on social media or watching netflix, how you spend your alone time significantly shapes your life.  How we live here also impacts those around us through example, creating social norms and impacting our character.  How is God calling you to spend this key area of your student life?

In each of these places God wants to see his kingdom come - that happens when we connect, commit, pray and act.  The fruit of this is emotional and relational wellbeing, justice, creativity, integrity, compassion, salvation, transformation and so much more.

Where will you commit to plug in and crack on whilst you’re at university?  What would it look like to see God’s kingdom come in these places?

We will be further exploring these 7 Spheres of Student Life at improvise : Student Work Conference 2016 this September - why not join us there.


These 7 Spheres have been inspired by Bright and Cunningham's 7 Mountains and Matt Bird's 7 Sectors

Pippa Elmes

Ministry Training Leader

Pippa supports those in church based student ministry to do their job really well. She loves challenging churches to work with students and equipping them to pioneer new mission opportunities to reach students.                     

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