My Church isn’t near a university so why should I become a Fusion Connection Church?

Students don’t just look for the big church in town anymore. They are looking for a diverse range of church families of all shapes and sizes. They will also travel. We recommend that you put yourself on the Student Linkup map either way.

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Do I need to pay to become a Fusion Connection Church?

There is no fee attached to registering with Fusion. We are really pleased to help students find you and we want to help you do a great job of connecting with student culture. Having said that, we are funded by the churches who connect to us and we couldn’t exist if churches didn’t give. Churches give anything from a small regular donation to thousands a year. Some can’t give. Either way, we would appreciate you considering it

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Does Fusion do student groups?

No. We only work through the local church. We offer training to churches for their student workers and students. The churches that are connected to Fusion have a large variety of small group systems, but they are run by the churches themselves and not Fusion.

Is Fusion part of a network or denomination?

Fusion works with a wide range of church streams, networks and denominations.


Do the Fusion team speak at church meetings? 

Yes we do. Please invite us! We can’t promise to fulfill all requests but we would love to be invited and we will see what we can do.

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