Student Linkup is committed to resourcing youth workers in preparing young people for university. 

We want to encourage you to make preparing your school leavers for uni a priority. It’s easy to underestimate the importance of preparation for university. But with 99% of students not in church, it's one of the biggest mission fields for today's Christian students.

73% of Christian students don’t connect to a church when they get to uni*. With preparation for university, you dramatically reduce the possibility of that happening. Fusion has resources and tools for you to use to help prepare your young people for uni. Have a look at them here

73%: The percentage of Christian Students who don’t commit to a church when they transition to university

92%: The number of students using Student Linkup who successfully commit to a church in 2014

*According to research in 2011 by the CUE project, 73% of Christian students don't commit to church or any Christian group at university.


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'I’m so glad I used the Student Linkup Sessions to prepare my young people for uni. They are so excited to go and live out their faith at uni’

Emily, Youth Worker