Trondheim Frikirke / Trondheim Freechurch

We are a family-oriented, international church with a strong and welcoming community consisting of ordinary people from 20-40 nations.

A bit more...

We are a completely normal church who loves God and loves people. We would really like to get to know you, come in for a service or a student gathering and see if you would like to be part of our family.

What do we do for students?

Our student community is called Input. We meet at Wednesdays from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.
Input is a place where our students come together to be discipled and to go deeper with God. Input is divided into three areas and each Wednesday we have one of the following:
1. Teaching - We fly in people from all over Norway who are specialists in their field to give great in-depth teachings on subjects that can be challenging and faith-strengthening. We vary the program of the teachings each semester.
2. Worship: In the world today, quietness and calmness are scarce and hard to come by. We believe that it is easier to hear the voice of God when we spend time with him without interruption. Therefore, we have chosen to dim the lights and turn the volume down on our worship nights and instead create a room where you get the opportunity to be alone with God and focus on what really matters, the relationship with The Master. Our worship team plays some songs to start with and then there is almost an hour of worship music on low volume on the speaker system, where you get the opportunity to just rest in the presence of God, read the Bible, dance, receive prayer or do whatever you want. This is truly a blessed time!
3. Community: We want to spend time with our brothers and sisters of the faith. Therefore we arrange different happenings where the focus is community and family. This takes place mostly in the homes of our students.

When & Where

Brøsetveien 145a, 7048 Trondheim

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Our service is on Sundays at 11:00 AM. We have a prayer meeting before the service, this starts at 10:15.
We also have a prayer meeting at Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:30, afterwards the church staff prepares lunch and we eat together.

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