This is the first in a series of four outlines on evangelism. The aim of the series is to come to an understanding of what it means NOT to know God, to see what God’s plans to bring everyone back to Him and to grasp the role that God has for us in all this. From this new understanding, the cell will see evangelism in a new way and have a growing desire to reach out to the lost. As you learn together, create an atmosphere where openness and honesty are the norm. Don’t let guilty feelings or a sense of past failures creep in. Also, watch out for legalism – compassion for the lost comes by God changing our hearts NOT through us trying to stir up feelings and emotions.

In this series of four, the 4Ws are tied together with a common theme. Make sure that you read through the AIM and OUTCOMES of each meeting before you delegate the sections out to people. Also make sure that you have noted and communicated to people what practical resources [like pens and paper etc] are needed for each meeting.