This is the fourth and final meeting in this evangelism series. Last week we looked at how the Gospel is about the story of God in our lives, and in the unfolding of his plans through history. As followers of Jesus, the challenge to us is to be living out that story in our own lives. This is where we discover that evangelism is not just about clever arguments and illustrations, but is about our lifestyle.

We want the group to realize that often it is easier to have clever arguments rather than a lifestyle that witnesses to Jesus.


Some of the questions in the Word section may provoke different opinions so you will need to keep your wits about you. You will also need a big sheet of paper.


Ask people to be thinking about the last few weeks. Encouraging honesty and reminding people that there are no right or wrong answers, get people to share a situation where they have had a very positive experience of witness OR to share a situation where despite the best intentions, the situation didn’t go so well.


A suggestion for this section is that you start by turning off all the lights and lighting a single candle in the middle of the room. Then someone could read a scripture; e.g. ‘I am the light of the world’. You could lead from this into a meditation on the ‘I Ams’ of Christ.



Isaiah 42:1-8; Luke 10:25-37.


The Gospel is, literally, good news. Think about your university:

  • What material needs do people have?
  • How what can you do as a group to begin to meet these needs?
  • What structures already exist to help students?
  • Could any of you get involved and so begin to influence these structures?


Ask people to say what they have learnt from this meeting. Is there anything in particular that they are aware that they struggle with? Is there anything that anyone would like to be prayed for? Spend time praying for one another for whatever has been said.


Over the last four weeks we have looked at how God wants to reconcile people back to Him, how the Gospel is a story unfolding throughout our lives and how influential you can be as you befriend, pray and share your life with people.

We know that by being accountable to the group for our own personal goals, we are helped to stay on track. We have identified a circle of friends whom we relate to and pray for. As the final evangelism section, grab a sheet of paper and brainstorm all the ways that your small group has connections and influences with the university. It could be through a job in the bar, playing in a sports team or participating in other activities outside of church.

When you have a list of the contacts and points of influence, thank God for them. Pray for everyone to make the most of these opportunities. Suggest to the group that from time to time, the list of activities and influences is revisited and prayed into.