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Now is an exciting time to join the Fusion team and we are looking for a variety of people to help serve and shape this movement. 

Four new Job Specs live below!

For 21 years Fusion has been serving the local church in student mission. We are passionate about seeing students come alive in faith, explore honest discipleship to new depths, step out in innovative mission and to see churches loving their unis. 

There is much which remains the same from Fusion’s early days - our passion for student mission, our culture of creativity, risk-taking and hope and our commitment to seeing our leadership shaped primarily by our discipleship walk with the Lord. Things are also changing - we are connecting across Europe and further afield as we find others who share this heart for church and students. We are re-thinking how we train churches in student ministry - putting in place opportunities which will serve the depth and breadth of the evolving student ministry landscape. We are growing as a team - welcoming those starting out on their professional journey and those joining us with years of student mission and/or business experience.

Working for Fusion

Fusion is a place to pursue calling, to fine-tune gifting and to serve an exciting and pioneering mission field.

"Over the last few years many people have taken big steps of faith to join the Fusion Team. Often unwittingly they have stepped into an adventure that is more challenging, transformative and fulfilling than they could have imagined."

Rich Wilson, team leader, joined 1997

Fusion's Student Work Team connects with and equips church student workers. If you have student ministry experience, are looking to help others thrive in their calling to students and are up for a challenging and developing work environment, check out the job specs below. 

Student Work Developer (London)

Student Work Developer (South) - based in London

Student Work Developer (North)

"It's a joy to encourage and strengthen the Church around the UK. I have met some amazing student leaders in my time so far working for Fusion and it's great to get to partner with them to see God encounter students through the local Church."

Paul Eaton, Student Work Team, joined May 2017

Fusion's Student Mission Team connect with student leaders to champion and catalyse student mission through local churches. If you are looking for an opportunity to creatively inspire student mission through students and churches then check out the job spec below. 

Student Mission Developer - various locations

"When you join the Fusion Team, you join a family. Even working remotely, I feel connected with the team. Working for Fusion is not just a job, it's a calling, and I feel blessed that God has called me to it.”

Katherine O’Shea, Student Mission Team, joined Sept 2017

Feel called to student mission but not to these specific roles?

Why not check out what it looks like to work for Fusion more broadly or look at the Student Ministry opportunities listed on our job site.

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Pippa Elmes

Ministry Training Leader

Pippa supports those in church based student ministry to do their job really well. She loves challenging churches to work with students and equipping them to pioneer new mission opportunities to reach students.                     

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