Mercy Road - Built to worship

As a Christian, you’ll be no stranger to worship. On a Sunday, listening on Spotify, or even a classic campfire session your friends. All great, but has your worship made the transition from hobby to lifestyle?

We were built to worship. It’s not important because it’s a set slot in the service, but because it is our reflex reaction to the presence of God. Just as we struggle to go deeper with God without reading His Word, the same goes for worship. God created different ways for us to interact with Him because He loves to reveal Himself to us, and through worship, prayer and reflection on scripture, we discover different aspects of His character. Worship makes it personal. It takes us from “Oh how great He is,” to “Oh how great YOU are.” The gear shifts from distant King to personal Saviour, Father, Friend.

As students we face a whole host of unpredictable issues, and it’s in that place that worship becomes even more important. Cultivating a heart of thankfulness not only equips us to cope better with difficulties, but it will have you friends asking, “how do they do it?” And there’s your opening for talking to them about Jesus.

University is also a place unapologetically run by peer pressure, whereas worship is the place where you can come as you are because that’s how Jesus wants you. Your worship will lead to whole new levels of freedom.

So when do you worship? Praise God in the secret place and allow it to become a habit, seeping into every area of your life. Don’t wait for Sundays- worship as a student community,  remembering that worship is not limited to singing. Why not discover what creative worship can look like together? Because worshipping Jesus together paves the way for deeper relationships and a united vision.

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Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.