Could this be you?

We are looking for networkers, missionaries, strategists, evangelists, administrators, vision casters, filmmakers, clear thinkers, communicators, hope-speakers, cheerleaders, peacemakers and light bringers. Could it be you? 

Are you called to Fusion?

Currently, we are looking for a creative individual to work with us to amplify our vision and promote our mission. This individual will join the Fusion team based in Loughborough as our Communications Developer. 

What we need

We need to develop a communication strategy that meets the current and future needs of the growing movement. This person would be responsible for ensuring consistency of message across all Fusion stakeholders, spanning both internal and external communication. 

It is key that as the movement grows we communicate an aligned message to all our audiences. This role will be responsible for: 

  • Maximising avenues for story sharing, promotion and encouragement through the tools of social media, web, marketing emails and printed publications.
  • Ensuring consistency in voice and feel of Fusion’s external output.
  • Increasing awareness and the reach of Fusion and it’s brand. 

You can see the full job description and personal specification here. If you're interested in finding out more please do get in touch with me.  

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Rachel Neep

Operations Manager

Rachel is responsible for the day to day running of Fusion's operations. She loves serving the team in all they do and helping to facilitate Fusion's big vision. 

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