Living & Telling

I first did Living & Telling whilst I was studying at university and it changed my understanding of what it means to share my faith.  I discovered that talking to friends about Jesus could even be great fun, but it wasn’t always like that for me…

I had been a follower of Jesus for a couple of years before university but always managed to avoid talking much about him with my friends at college.  Doing Living & Telling was such an encouraging and equipping experience. I realised that talking about Jesus with my friends didn’t need to be confrontational or weird; I just had to be willing to trust the Holy Spirit, listen well and talk honestly about my faith. 

From the solid base that Living & Telling provided, I was not only able to talk with my friends about Jesus but, with other Christians, I found myself telling people about Jesus as I gave out biscuits outside the student night club in the early hours of the morning.  

Every week a group of us spent an hour talking to students we would meet at lunchtime on campus.  Far from my expectations that the ground would open up the moment I mentioned Jesus, I discovered that most people actually wanted to talk about Jesus and were up for a conversation.  I certainly wasn’t an expert, and I didn’t always know exactly what to say, but this was such an exciting time in my faith journey. My relationship with Jesus grew so much as I put what I learned into practice and stepped out, trusting God would use me. 

I am now a youth worker at my local church and have taken young people through Living & Telling.  They come alive as they find that they too can talk about their faith with their friends. Living & Telling is an excellent resource that I can wholeheartedly commend to anyone who wants to open up conversations about Jesus.  It is accessible, biblical and the beginning of an exciting adventure.

The Living & Telling course is FREE to download at and is ideal for small groups as well as for larger training events. 


  by Isaac McNish

Fusion Team

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