There Is Life

Don't believe what they tell you, university is a time of adventure, discovery and fun.

It is a place and a time where lifelong friendships are formed, caffeine-fuelled hours are spent refining essays and projects in dingy libraries, tears are shed over kitchen tables and laughter is shared around sports pitches, grimy lounges and ash-filled smoking areas. 

There is mess, there is excitement, there is drama, there is hilarity, there is challenge.

There is life.

Where media commentators speak an agenda of death and fear, we choose to speak life. To instead say that university is an unpredictable adventure and an incredible opportunity. 

If you are starting university this year, let me tell you that the concrete campuses and badly lit SU bars of this nation are not places of death and fear, they are harvest fields full of hope and life. 

Your time at university is potentially the greatest opportunity of your life to take a stand for your generation. To speak hope and life to your friends and for your friends. To defiantly rally against the negativity and fear that litters your newsfeeds and instead to live in full knowledge of your call to the harvest field before you. 

And know this. You are not alone.

Find yourself a local church. Get equipped, get inspired and open up to the hard questions of a supportive church family who will challenge you and encourage you to live up to who Jesus is calling you to be and to help you to speak hope and life over the harvest fields of your university. 

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Fusion Team

The vision of Fusion is to champion and catalyse church based student movements that see the student world reached and transformed by the gospel.