What's Next For Universities? - Part 1

We're all asking the question, "what next?". What next for students starting university in September? What next for leading student work? What next for universities opening up again? Over the next 3 days, we will hear from a range of people offering hope in the uncertainty that is Freshers 2020. If you're heading to university and you're not sure what their plans are yet, check out these responses from universities around the country. First up, we hear from Jacob, who is heading to University in September. 

1. Given everything that's going on with COVID-19 at the moment, how are you feeling about heading to uni in September? 

"I'm feeling apprehensive about going to uni in September as we have no real clue as to what it will look like at the start of next year. I don't how much face-to-face interaction I’ll get with tutors and course mates and I’ll be going into a completely new environment. But as my uni have said they’ll open up accommodation, I’m also definitely excited about the prospect of getting to know flatmates really well and build relationships if the likelihood is that we’ll be spending more time than we would normally in the flat."

2. how do you feel about finding a church at uni? 

"I think finding a church at uni is so important! I’ve been fortunate enough to grow up in a Christian family, in a church where there have been lots of people my age as well as lots of Youth Leaders to learn from.  From my experience, I’ve found church friends my age and those older than me to be so important in encouraging me in my faith and helping me to grow and live a more personal faith. I think especially at a time where you become independent like uni, it’s so important to find a church community that can encourage you to step out in faith for yourself and be there for you when things get tough."

3. What kind of things have been helpful for you in the lead up to going to uni?

"The Student Linkup app! I downloaded it about a week ago and within 3 days I had 2 churches messaging me to say that they were praying for me. It was also really useful to see what each church had specifically for students and to see the areas in which I could get involved and serve at if I chose to go there. Also, on a different note, practicing cooking! I was worried about adequately feeding myself whilst at uni but in the last few weeks, I’ve practiced cooking cheap meals once a week for my family. At the time of writing, nobody has yet died and I feel much more confident about cooking at uni!"

Things may be uncertain, but why not take this time to start thinking about finding a church at university, using the Student Linkup App?!

Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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