"I’m going to be using the Student Linkup app to ask all my questions...”

Hannah, who received her A Level results last week, now has her place confirmed at her chosen university. She, alongside thousands of others, has wrestled with the uncertainty of what being a Fresher in 2020 is like as she shares her thoughts ahead of starting university next month. 

“I’m feeling nervous about meeting new people and having to be outgoing, but also about coronavirus because a lot of things are unknown. Will I have to bubble? Will my learning be online? Will the government at the last minute say we can’t go? One of the ways I deal with uncertainty is by surrounding myself with people who are in similar situations but who are also Christians who remind you that God is bigger than this. Jesus and His disciples were in the storm, and Jesus was asleep. He’s got us.”

In preparation for September, she has completed a full Ikea shop, borrowed books for her course and has been chatting with her new flatmates on Whatsapp. She has also signed up to Student Linkup where she is connecting with churches before she moves home in a few weeks. 

“I’ve started looking at churches through the Student Linkup app and already received messages from some student workers. It’s been so helpful, especially for knowing how close they are to my accomodation. I’m going to be using the app to ask all my questions to the student workers at the churches.”

Freshers of 2020 have an opportunity to respond with resilience in uncertainty and hope amongst despair. Hannah shares her biggest prayer for her year group. 

“My prayer for my year group is for peace and stability in this process. Some people have been so stressed, but my hope for them is to get settled, find their place and get comfortable. Nothing is so threatening that Jesus can’t remind you that He’s there with you.” 

Heading to university this September? Download the Student Linkup app to find churches near you and #LinkupNow!


Victoria Seithel

Communications Developer

Viki loves raising up new leaders and is committed to sharing the hope-filled story of student mission with the churches she serves.

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