Is it possible to be a leader as a Fresher?

Is it possible to be a leader as a Fresher?

‘It was December in my first semester at university and my student pastor asked to go for coffee. I immediately assumed I had done something wrong and a challenge was coming my way. So I was pretty surprised when he asked if I wanted to lead a student small group starting in January. I said I would go away and pray which consisted of me telling myself all the reasons I shouldn’t do this. “I was JUST a fresher”  “these are my peers so they won’t respect me” “I barely know how to do this myself”. 

Maybe these reasons resonate with you and it’s something you’re currently battling. I get it, I really do. All of those reasons are focusing on what you as an individual can do. As soon as we look beyond ourselves, it suddenly becomes about what God can do, not what we can do for God. Don’t we believe in the God who uses ordinary people to change the kingdom? 

If you don’t believe me, just take a look at John 6 verses 1-13. Jesus fed the five thousand with five loads of bread and two fish. You don’t have to be a mathematician to know that there is no way that little food could go so far. Likewise, when we give our little share of what he’s created us for it’s then God who will use it way beyond our expectations. 


Here are my top 5 reasons why you SHOULD lead as a fresher! 

1. it might not feel like it but trust me you’ll never have as much time as this again. The whole point of being a fresher is to get settled in at university, so why not get stuck straight in and see what God does? 

2. You never know where this opportunity could lead you. Use this as an opportunity to be listening and talking to God about your calling. Pray about what breaks your heart and how you can have a kingdom impact. 

3. When you lead in whatever capacity, you get the chance to invest in others but also to be invested in. As followers of Jesus, we should have a hunger to be teachable and want to learn and grow. Leadership is a great way for you to explore what looking more like Jesus is for you. 

4. Your years at uni are short (Sorry doctors and architects) so use them wisely. I know for a fact God called you to your city and university for so much more than just a degree. Give 100% of yourself to your city, local church and other communities to get involved in. 

5. Have some fun! Getting stuck in a church and leading is such an easy way to make friends. Most of my friends from the first year are still some of my best friends today who I get to journey and do life with beyond our university years. 

So what are you waiting for? I challenge you to give God your YES today. Go away and pray about the areas God is calling you to have an impact on. Know your authority comes from our almighty Father. 


Charlie Lavin

Student Mission Developer

Charlie found her passion and calling for students whilst in her first year of university. She is excited about seeing others step into their own callings. She builds relationships with churches across the south to encourage and equip them with student mission. 


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