Tearfund: Global Poverty Prayer week

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What’s as ancient as Abraham yet more powerful than the Prime Minister?  It can separate seas and move mountains, bandage up brokenness and transform towns. You don’t need to be a genius…

Prayer! We stand with our feet planted in a world rife with injustice but with our hands outstretched. We try to grab hold of this place where there is no more suffering, no more tears. What’s in between? Jesus said we should pray to our Father. ‘Your Kingdom come… here on earth, as it is in heaven.’

One Voice: Global Poverty Prayer Week 2010

In March we’re looking for a global community – full of passion and faith for a different world – to pray.  We’re going to see an army gather across the world; one church raising one voice to one God, calling out for change. Change that brings hope to the last, the least and the lost.

Prayer and worship connect us to God’s heart, to justice and to transformation. Do we want to put faith into action? Without prayer our acts are hollow. Do we want to fight for justice? Let’s start on our knees.

That’s what one of our friends in Kingston did. And the transformation started:

‘I saw through new eyes. I’ve always thought how unfair it all is that we landed here with everything and they landed there with nothing. I’ve always thought, why is that? Why is the world so unfair? But now I see that God thinks it’s unfair too. And we should be doing something about it.’

So block out 1 – 7 March. It’s when thousands of Christians around the world will be joining in with One Voice - Tearfund’s Global Poverty Prayer Week 2010.

Click on www.tearfund.org/uncovered and find everything you need to know about running a prayer week, including a seven-day prayer guide and downloadable prayer-pods. And start getting your friends, your church and anyone else you can think of in on the action, to join the global praying revolution!

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